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Music lessons in Fort Lauderdale / Boca Raton area of Florida - piano, keyboard, guitar, music theory. Douglas Music Studios. Twenty years experience teaching, performing, and recording. [ad_id_2049]  
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Looking for South Florida writers interested in creative forums and roundtables to meet, pray and challenge one another. Iron sharpens iron. [ad_id_2133]  
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Biblical counseling and Christian advocacy provided by Higher Ground Church and Resource Center. Both phone and face-to-face meetings available. Ministerial planning, crisis intervention, recovery from addiction, freedom from compulsions, sexual and romantic difficulties, family problems, marriage reconciliation. [ad_id_2022]  
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Media production available through TranSeed Media Productions. Commercials, Marketing pieces, Videos for church building programs, Educational media. [ad_id_2192]  
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Need people with Adobe Premiere experience and willing to work part time on the backup and editing of a feature movie. Rate negotiable. [ad_id_2050]  
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