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Creative Conference 2011 Fort Lauderdale, Florida


To get a vision for life that extends beyond the trivial, one must seek God, who speaks to us in many ways. In the first century, many of the letters sent between ministers were to encourage growth of individuals, churches, and communities in a direction of which God would approve. Although approval and acceptance are not the same thing under the New Covenant, it is a good thing for Christians to get about the business of growing.

For the creatively-minded Christian there are many resources, but very little clear direction, inspiration, and concentration of resources in one place. That is one of the several reasons why Christian movies and books have not penetrated much into the general market even though the information we have is more vital to the interests of the general public than information from any other source.
Whirlwind Magazine's Creative Conference 2011 is a place to be a major contributor to the solution to this dilemma. Through media technology, communications is perhaps more opened and accessible worldwide than at any other time in human history, except perhaps in the Garden of Eden before the original human mistake. Christians from all forms of creative perspectives and with many varied arrays of experience and education will be present seeking inspiration and ways to collaborate. The goal of the conference designers is to maximize two things: (1) The establishment of relationships based on mutual creative callings and (2) the realization of some practical ways to work and generate income through these callings.

When and Where?

The location and actual date in Fort Lauderdale, Florida of the United State of America is not yet determined, however we expect it to be in the first half of 2011 and somewhere in the greater Fort Lauderdale area. The number of consecutive days for the event and whether the event will be over the weekend or during the week is also yet to be determined. As various organizations and churches step up to sponsor and promote the event, more information will be made available here and in outgoing notices.

Preliminary Agenda

opening ceremony
          opening prayer
          celebration of outreach success
          membership and attendance appreciation
          celebration of member achievements
target topics for workshops and classes
          development of a distinctive style
          the power of the word
          imagery and archetypes
          credibility of documentaries and periodicals
          ethics and truth
          the role of fiction in an information driven world
          apologetics in storytelling
          using desktop tools
          neurotic inhibition
          interdependency not codependency
          practical ways to make a character real
          the anatomy of a conversation
          scene placement for screenwriters
          practical journalism
          investigative reporting
          tag line design workshop
          trial and error and perfectionism
          time management for the writer
closing ceremony
          future plans
          closing prayer
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