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Setting up your custom profile will connect you with the right people, events, and resources to follow your passion and your calling.

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Keeping your profile information updated is all that is required to hold a Whirlwind Magazine subscription. We use your name and email address to send you issues of Whirlwind Magazine, and your other information is valuable in the interest of the Whirlwind Magazine interest in uniting the creative talents and gifts of those like you. Your contact information is never sold. It is only given to others who are looking for people with your specific qualifications and interests and only if you choose to grant such permission.

Your abilities and interests are important. We can help you find what you need to be successful if you simply filling out this form accurately and submit it.

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Key words are used to select only what you want for notices. A well-chosen set of key words will narrow the notices sent to you to only those which benefit you. Use commas to separate different keys. It is also important to leave off suffixes such as 's' and 'ing' from your key words. Here are some examples.

Typing workshop, party into the event keys field will cause only notices of Christian workshops and Christian celebrations to be sent to you.
Typing music lessons, counsel into the classified keys field will cause the contact information of music teachers and Christian counselors get classified ads with Whirlwind to be sent to you.
Typing editor, drum, percussion into the resource keys field will cause the contact information of editors and drummers who have subscribed or advertised with Whirlwind to be sent to you for your collaborative use.
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