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What is the Pay?

Whirlwind Magazine pays the writers of its feature pieces and its columnists. The amount paid is dependent on the pertinence of the item, its length, how much editing is required, and how many articles have been published by its writer. Items that are neither featured nor written by Whirlwind Magazine columnists are published solely for the good of the reader community and the resume and personal growth of the writer. Writers have established a professional status with Whirlwind Magazine or other publications as a result of their submissions here.

What about copyright?

Whirlwind Magazine recommends that you copyright your work before publishing it. There are many resources on line that explains how to establish protection for your piece via the copyright laws of your country without much cost. Often writers, photojournalists and publishers in the U.S.A. add the copyright symbol © followed by certain text in a conspicuous place on the piece, send the piece via registered U.S.P.S. mail to themselves, and store the mail unopened when it arrives. The text that follows the copyright symbol is generally the year of publication, a clear identification of the writer by full name and location, and the sentence, "All rights reserved." A member of the Editorial Staff of Whirlwind Magazine will work with beginners who have submitted pieces that have been selected for publication to establish a basic level of protection from infringement.

How to Get Published


Whirlwind Magazine will publish your writing or images if it supports the vision of Whirlwind Magazine and meets the internal goals set by the Editorial Staff. The process is simple.

  Fill out and submit this form.
  Submit the full content of your piece if you are selected for full review by the Editorial Staff. Be encouraged to try again if your piece is rejected. It often takes more than one try.
  Work with the Editorial Staff if your piece is selected to adjust it as necessary for the reader community.

Take the first step in publishing in Whirlwind Magazine by simply filling out and submitting this form.

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Examples of the type of piece include article, short story, photo journal, image of painting, image of sculpture, poem, media review, argument, dialog, poem, and critical essay.

Examples of the genre of piece include action/adventure, autobiography/biography, comedy, documentary, drama, educational piece, epic, fantasy, fairytale, horror, mystery, myth/legend, new story, romance, science fiction, sports, suspense, thriller, western, etc.)
Examples of the media format of piece include the accepted textual formats of ASCII text, HTML, Rich Text (.rtf), PDF, and Word 2000 (.doc) and accepted image formats of .png, .gif, .jpg, and .tif.
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